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Helping teachers implement equitable, research-based language and literacy instruction for Multilingual Learners

Welcome to
the Away We Go Community!

Are you a teacher of multilingual learners?

You've landed in the right place, and we're so glad you're here!

Becoming a reader and writer is part of learning to communicate effectively in English.

And at the elementary level, teaching literacy is a huge piece of the curriculum.


We believe that the best way to accelerate language learning is through literacy.


Oral language and written language go hand-in-hand.

As teachers of multilingual students, we can create the conditions in our classrooms that maximize English language development alongside literacy learning.

Whether you're an English language teacher, classroom teacher, or reading specialist,

if you have multilingual learners on your roster, we want to help!
We're dedicated to finding and putting into practice evidence-based instruction
that accelerates language learning and literacy development for multilingual learners.

Are you ready to join us?

Away we go!

We Believe In...

AWG Talking Girl 1_edited.jpg


English language instruction is most effective when it occurs in a meaningful context.

AWG Talking Boy 2_edited.jpg

Multilingual learners learn best when their team of teachers work together and share their expertise.


AWG Talking Boy 1.jpg


Multilingual learners learn best when they feel safe, valued,

and connected to their teachers, peers, and school communities.


Multilingual learners deserve access to instruction that integrates language, literacy, and content.

Integrated Instruction

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Educators value multilingual learners, advocate for culturally relevant and responsive instruction, and ensure access to the curriculum.

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